Naga is Korra's loyal Polar-Bear-Dog. She helps and stay's loyal to Korra through anything. She is friends with Bolin's Fire Ferret, Pabu. Edit


Pabu is Bolin's loyal Fire Ferret. Bolin found Pabu wandering the streets looking for food. Pabu and Naga are friends, Pabu rides on Naga's head when she is transporting "Team Avatar" around Republic City.Edit


Momo is Aang's loyal flying lemur bat. Aang found Momo in the Southrern Air Temple along their journey. Momo collects nuts to eat in the sky (for the humans on Appa amd himself). Momo is fun and big eared. :)Edit


Appa is another one of Aang's loyal pets. Appa is a giant sky bison he can swim and fly, and his tail is a good self defense weapon. Appa has saved Aang and the gang from many mishaps with the Fire Nation.Edit

Korra & naga

Naga and Korra



Appa 1


Momo 1


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